How to Broadcast with Periscope Producer and OBS

This can be used on iOS, Android, and the web.

Download Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio) here –


From the Settings area in the Periscope app, select Advanced Sources. Tap to create an additional source, and take note of the publishing information (Server URL, Stream Key). Alternately, on the web, click on your avatar and select Producer to access this information.

From iOS or Android

From the Web


Once OBS has been installed, launch the software and go to settings. Click the Stream tab and select the Custom Streaming Server for the stream type. Copy the url and stream key from your periscope settings and paste the information into the Stream tab inside OBS. Then Click Apply.


Now you need to configure OBS with periscopes recommend settings.

Select the Output tab and set the Output Mode to Advanced. Under the Streaming tab change the Bitrate to 800kb/s and the Keyframe Interval to Every 2 seconds (OBS) or Keyframe every 45 frames (Wirecast) Then Click Apply.



Now we need to change the Audio settings. You can do that by clicking on the Output tab and select the Audio tab. Change the Audio Bitrate to 64kb/s – 96 kb/s AAC or AAC-LC. Then Click Apply.

Now it’s time to set the screen resolution for your broadcast. Periscope is a Mobile app so we need to make sure the scope is optimised for the phone screen. Click the Video tab and change the resolution 540×960(Portrait) or 960×540(Landscape). Then Click OK.


Now that OBS is configured it time to start broadcasting., then start streaming.


Preview the stream in the Periscope app or on web. Start the broadcast.

On iOS and Andriod
On the Desktop







Add a Title for your broadcast, select the Twitter option to Tweet, and hit Start Broadcast” to go live, at which point your followers will be notified and the broadcast will be posted to Twitter.